6 reasons why Apple sucks

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  1. Jeff says:

    Apple blows. I hate my iPhone 6 on my second one! They have faulty auxiliary porte n the home buttons garbage!

  2. Donnalou says:

    I have been only been using both the IPad and a Android tablet for a couple of years. I have a couple of games I like on the IPad that I have purchased. With the latest update they are now trash. All too keep up with Apple’s so called technology. Which is actually going backward and looking more and more like Windows 95 with every release. It is also so full of bugs that no one wants it. I am loving my Andriod more and more every day.

  3. Hezekiah J Shmuel says:

    Resisted the iPhone hype for years but got caught in an emergency situation and had to have a phone NOW – wife’s iPhone 4… The more I use it the more I hate it! Everything being sucked in to iCloud, most likely irretreivably except with yet more Mac ware. Evil, greedy bastards, even worse than MacroSuck.

  4. Anna says:

    I bought the original iPad in 2013, I believe. It has lasted, but I apparently made the mistake of downloading a software update. Everything went to hell after that, and just continues to get worse. I’ll be lucky if this thing doesn’t crash before finishing these comments. The keyboard lags, meaning letters I type don’t show up until many seconds later; it can’t handle multiple pages being open without crashing; I can’t correct a letter in the middle of a word because it will only go to the end or beginning of a word; the keyboard often moves or disappears, causing me to tap on some random link which then takes me to another page; letters go missing in words I am trying to type; I often have to tap multiple times to get it to respond; the Wi-Fi is weak; and the list goes in and on. My off-brand Android phone is proving to be a much smoother, more reliable experience. I will never buy a rotten Apple product again.

  5. Anna says:

    *on and on…

  6. rob nelson says:

    9AM—go to AT&T store. They say they can’t fix my phone because Apple doesn’t allow anyone to fix them, but Apple.
    They tell me to go to the Apple store at North Star Mall.
    9:25AM—I drive the 12 miles to the mall and wait in line for approximately 30 minutes. An employee finally comes up to me and I tell her that my phone is not working and that ATT sent me over. She said (rather condescendingly) that ATT should have called and made an appointment for me. I told her that they didn’t say anything about an appointment. So she makes one for me at 11:30.
    I go to grab a bit to eat. At this point the Apple store texts me to return to the store as they have an opening. Of course I don’t get the text BECAUSE MY PHONE’S NOT WORKING. Unbeknownst to me, my appointment is cancelled 10 minutes later because I didn’t respond to the text.
    11:20AM—I go the Apple Store and tell them I have an appointment. They tell me to go this one section and grab a stool; and that someone will be with me shortly. Wrong! 25 minutes later I’m still sitting there. I ask this one employee where my name is in the queue. He says hold on and that I’m in the right spot. Wrong! 10 minutes later I grab someone who appears to be a supervisor and ask him what’s up. That’s when I find out that my appointment was cancelled because I didn’t respond to their text earlier that morning. He said that there must have been a miscommunication. I told him no, there was no miscommunication…there was no communication!!!! My phone is not working!!!! I said “Do you buy phones back?” He said if I were going to trade it in for another phone they would. I said, “Yes, I’d like to trade it in for an Android!!!” He was not amused, but I could tell he was beginning to understand the depth of my anger—and I believe he knew it was honest and deserved. He said he’d put me down on the books as having an appointment within the next 10 minutes. I said…NO….I want someone right now! So he pulled a tech from another customer and had him wait on me. I don’t think the customer minded, as she and at least half of the store had heard me. The tech had heard me too and he was cool with everything and very patient. He had my phone restored (without any loss of data) in about 10 minutes.
    12:30—I apologized for my anger (to those customers milling around)—and walk out.

    I don’t think I’m going to have my IPhone very long.

  7. Jylarkin says:

    Apple is crap. Here are the devices which I’ve owned in chronological order.
    -iPod 4th Gen – Still kicking and working great!
    -iPad 4 th Gen – died unknown causes within 6months and was replaced via warranty
    -MacBook Pro (2015) – crashed and died within 1 week and replaced under warranty. Sold it within 4mobths
    -iPhone 6 Plus – battery failure within the first year.
    -Replacement iPhone 6 Plus. Year old and and still using, but super slow
    -iPhone 6 (bought for daughter) battery failed at 11month mark, replaced under warranty.
    -Replacent iPhone 6 – Celluar antenna dead after 6months of use. Told I need to buy new phone for $299.. Told them I’m done with Apple.

    Once my Rotten Apples fail, I’m moving back to Android and PC.. Apples are design to be rotten right out of the assembly line!

    After telling a Apple Store tech that based on these experiences, “Apple products are crap,” he said my conclusions are based on anecdotes. I said, “You need to do some research, starting with the definition of ‘anecdote.'”

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