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MacBook Network Adapter Reset 0

Automatically Reset Your Network Adapter on MacBook Wake with Sleepwatcher

Discover how to resolve connectivity issues with Realtek network adapters on MacBooks that occur after sleep mode. This article provides a step-by-step guide on using a custom Python script to automatically reset your network adapter, ensuring seamless connectivity and eliminating the need to manually replug devices. Perfect for MacBook users seeking a practical solution to enhance network stability post-sleep


6 reasons why Apple sucks

Once I was a huge fan of Apple. It is company that is praised by millions and hated by more millions. But now I will tell you what’s wrong with Apple really, and 6...

Macbook Air Disk Cleanup 0

Mac OS X Disk Cleanup

Use our always up-to-date guide to remove unused files on your Mac and clean your SSD disk from junk. Just a few easy steps to increase available disk space in your Mavericks OS X system, that will take several minutes of your time to complete.

Fix Wi-Fi in Mavericks 0

Fix Wi-Fi in Mavericks

Mavericks is the latest and greatest version of OS X from Apple. Yet, if you didn’t do a clean install – expect trouble. Have you ever experienced issues with Wi-Fi after you upgraded to Mavericks? There is a simple way to fix this by deleting Bluetooth settings file. It’s a very efficient and quick way to fix Wi-Fi in Mavericks. Read on for details.