Author: Danila

Removing Synology @eaDir files 0

Removing Synology @eaDir files

Synology NAS has a very annoying indexing service implementation that places indexed files’ thumbnails alongside your actual media files. The thumbnail photos and videos reside in @eaDir directories in every single media directory you...

Tuning up location and time of photos 0

Tuning up location and time of photos

Let’s say we want to mod some JPEG files’ internal data to make it looks like the photos have been taken elsewhere. Exiftool to the rescue! First find the location, like this The coordinates...

Russian Internet Censorship 0

Seamless bypassing of network censorship

In my home country (Russia), censorship has taken quite a big turn after the government decided to block the Telegram Messenger. Since early 2018, I am unable to join quite a lot of genuine...