iPhone 4S USSD Problem

The background of iPhone 4S USSD problem

One of the issues with iPhone 4S is that it has completely new implementation of CommCenter, the service handling network connectivity.

The consequences are such that only English characters are supported in USSD messages. If your language in USSD is different (i. e. Chinese), then USSD won’t work well.  Another issue caused by new CommCenter is that on jailbroken devices, a few jailbreak tweaks, like iPhoneDelivery, do not work with 4S. But we have already mentioned workarounds for SMS delivery reports on iPhone 4S.

You are not jailbroken and you just want to have USSD working.

Option 1. Upgrade iOS

Most recent version of iOS, 8.1.4 at the moment of writing, fixes the issue of displaying national characters correctly:

iPhone 4S USSD

iPhone 4S USSD

Option 2. Solution to iPhone 4S USSD problem by changing USSD character set

There is a quick and dirty fix for USSD on iPhone 4S. Head over to your mobile operator website and search for instructions to switch character set used for USSD responses.

Example for Megafon, Russia: *105*22# – switches to Latin charset, which makes USSD usable on 4S again!

Below is the list of operator specific USSD codes to switch charset, for quick reference:

[table id=1 /]

Have a code for different operator? Let us know in comments.

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34 Responses

  1. jahan says:

    hi dear,irancell operator for Iran.do u have any code for it?

    • appleguy says:

      Hi Jahan,

      It’s either *140*2*2*# or *130*2*2*# for prepaid or postpaid plan accordingly.

      • Jahan says:

        thanks for reply.
        but I dont understand “prepaid or postpaid plan” meaning.what are these?
        I tested all four combination and didnt work for me.

        • appleguy says:

          Prepaid is when you run your phone calls from a balance that you pay prior to using services. Postpaid is the opposite, it’s when you first use services (make calls and otherwise) and then company sends bill monthly.
          You may find that general USSD menu for Irancell has option to change language. Try it: *555#

  2. Engulu Paul says:

    whats the code for Uganda Telecom operator in Uganda

  3. you have from dominican republic

  4. orange from dominican republic

  5. Ivan says:

    What the code for Operator Life in Ukraine?

    • Danila says:

      Officially there is no USSD code for changing language with Life in Ukraine. However, some people had success by calling support at 5433 and asking to change language to English or Russian. In the latter case you will get USSD message in Russian translit (i.e. “privet”).

  6. Cecil says:

    I used MTN GHANA any code please?

  7. Bikram Hundal says:

    whats the code of my Iphone 4s O2 uk But im using in india

  8. Chadoo says:

    What about Digicel in Haiti please?

  9. bhavin says:

    hey i am using vodafone in india , all the balance check ussd codes are blocked
    help me out please

  10. armir says:

    malaysia code?

  11. amer says:


  12. Sourav says:

    bangladeshi USSD *566# *222# * not shown ,Please give me solution .. iphone 4s.

  13. Fawad says:

    Hi,zong operator for Pakistan.Plz tell me

  14. songelwayo says:

    Whats the code for Malawi and the Operator is airtel

  15. qazi waleed says:

    code for pakistan?

  16. arif says:

    ussd code for bangladesh *222# ,*1243

  17. arif says:


  18. Temitope says:

    For Airtel Nigeria

  19. Ousmane says:

    A code for senegal please

  20. Oj says:

    Code for bangladesh

  21. ksh says:

    hi , I have same problem with ussd code with mci operator from iran, do you know how I can fix it? thank you very much.

  22. Muazzir says:

    japan code?

  23. Bathlomew says:

    Please I have the same problem with Vodacom network in Tanzania.

  24. Rogers says:

    am using MTN Uganda

  25. Daniel says:

    Pls my iPhone 4s Ussd code is not working so what I do

  1. January 29, 2013

    […] Using USSD Messages in language other than English? You won’t be able to use them on iPhone 4S because implementation has bugs independent of iOS version, and exclusively on 4S! However, this little fix might help you. […]

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