5 Reasons why iPhone Sucks

Before you jump into the Apple world and get yourself a new iPhone, consider this information. Even if you’re tired of Android or Windows Phone, here is why iPhone sucks.

iPhone sucks because it doesn’t have SMS delivery report feature

What? You’ve bought a smartphone for $700 and it doesn’t have the feature that is s present in even the very low-end mobile phones? Yes, it doesn’t. And for whatever reason Apple had not to include this feature, they didn’t do it since iPhone was introduced to public until today when we have iPhone 5s on the market with iPhone 6 coming soon. The only way you can get delivery report, is by means of special hacks.

iPhone sucks because battery cannot be user replaced

You have a limited life-cycle of your phone. Smartphones already have poor battery life throughout a day. But to add to the problem, iPhone battery will slowly degrade over months. In 1-2 years of usage expect it to have reduced capacity. But the only thing you will be able to do easily is buying a new iPhone. That is, if you don’t bother going to special repair store where they would charge you for both battery replacement and new battery itself.

Each iPhone model sucks because it has its special bug

For a company with billions of income, Apple could do more quality testing of iPhone. But, suspiciously, each iPhone model has its serious bug. We don’t know if it is a design flow or being done on purpose. But think about it, new iPhone model gets more attention not only for its new features. New issue – and thousands of websites spread the word about it, effectively making free advertisement for new Apple product. Did you own iPhone 4? You surely got you special mobile signal issue. “Lucky” owner of iPhone 4S? Prepare for dead Wi-Fi and bringing it to life.

iPhone sucks because it has limited Bluetooth connectivity

Do you often share files with your friends over Bluetooth? Standard function of a smartphone. Yet, you can do very limited number of things over Bluetooth with your iPhone. And sharing files is not one of them. Apple tries to build its own closed device ecosystem using open standards. You expect things to work because standards are used. But things don’t work, because Apple restricted the use of all standards features. It’s not cool.

iPhone sucks because accessories from Apple cost more

Prepare for 4x price tag (or 5x, 6x) compared to price of any Android phone accessories. Whether it is simple thing like bumper or charger, the only way to get reasonable price, is buying non-Apple accessories for Apple product. Why you think iPhones are bad? Let us know in comments.

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32 Responses

  1. VriendP says:

    I can give you plenty more reasons why iphone sucks:

    Can’t write messages normally on this microscopic screen, unless you’re an infant
    Get lost in menus because normal navigation isn’t possible
    Can’t find your stuff
    Can’t send photos
    Can’t use smilies
    Fucks up your text (at no extra charge)
    Goes from sound to vibration and back at will when carried in pocket
    glass on the rear breaks when you put it on the table
    etc etc

    I miss my android phone.

    • Jenn says:

      I can tell you why half of the stuff you said is bull:

      -Turn on auto-correct or predictive keyboard (maybe, just maybe, you have sausage fingers)
      -Normal navigation is possible, most of what you use is right there on your homescreen page(s)
      -Fairly easy to find your stuff due to the fact that you can search for anything on your iPhone with the search page or on new iPhones, Spotlight Search
      -Yes, I don’t know if you’re retarded or what, but you can send photos, turn on MMS Messaging
      -Yes, you can use smilies, there are emoticons (colons, semi-colons, parenthesis, etc.) or go to setting> general> keyboard> choose emoji (or any keyboard you want)
      -I don’t really know how it could “fuck up your text”. Honestly, there is iMessage, a free way to tet people who also have iPhones, or regular SMS Messaging
      -If it goes ot sound to vibration in your pocket then you must obviously had something in your pocket that could brush the side of your phone. Or you yourself could have fucked up your phone on your own
      -Don’t be retarded, the glass does’t break from setting it on the table. And if that bothers you, then get the iPhone 5 or 5s where there is a lower chance of it breaking, or get iPhone 5c(and no the c doesn’t stand for cheap) or 6.

      If you honestly don’t like the iPhone then that sucks balls for you. You should’ve done more reasearch on the phone before you bought it.

      • Haff Kraufmann says:

        I think YOU are the retarded one. Why do I have to pay to send images with MMS (in Europe they charge a lot for just 1 MMS don’t know if they’re free in USA) when there is Bluetooth in my phone? And even then what if I want to send them to my PC for editing and USB doesn’t work (yes I have Linux)? Then.. Autocorrect doesn’t help much when there are 2mm virtual keys stacked very close to each other. Do you have kid hands? Even without doing any research one expects basic features to be common way as most of them were on smartphones 10 years ago. Seriously you are the retarded one. People who stumble upon this blog post comment please avoid buying an iPhone. I’m selling my own.

      • Ric says:

        My iPhone 6s is at least 2 generations behind the Samsung Galaxy 5 that I gave up when I had to switch to this retarded POS.

  2. AVP says:

    Never quite understood the iPhone craze.

    Been using WindowsPhone and love the user experience. Seamless integration with OneDrive and Office. Many Android apps aren’t available in Windows Store but important ones are more than plenty to use and work with.

    Apple though is very good at marketing and presentation.

  3. Lisa says:

    Many more reasons why the iPhone sucks:
    I’m on my second replacement for my 5c, which is actually a refurbished phone that didn’t work for someone else
    The first replacement broke 2 months after I got it
    The sounds work randomly when the phone feels like it
    My contacts freeze on a regular basis
    One of my phones constantly went into voiceover mode which caused it to read all my texts
    and emails out loud until I could figure out how to get out of the mode
    If I turn off iMessage, some people’s texts don’t go through but they don’t know it
    People at the genius bar lie when you bring in your defective new phone. It took five visits to the genius
    bar before one employee would admit the “new” phone was refurbished.
    There is so much more….I’m leaving apple soon!

    • Hunter Hampton says:

      you must be pretty stupid, if you posted a rant talking about a glitch with no prior knowledge of iphones, voice over is a setting, either you turned it on yourself not realizing or someone did it to annoy you, ppl do this stuff all the time, and this is the kind of crap i hate, android users always jumping right to conclusions, putting apple down bevause your too incappable of looking up how to turn that setting off. it couldnt be any easier than that. am i saying all android isers are like this? no. im saying most are

      • roy says:

        Wouldn’t say it sucks, but notice whenever I use my Mom’s or Brother’s that navigating in general isn’t as efficient, be it within an open browser, or within apps/windows on the phone .
        samsung droid has a back button on the phone itself that saves lots and lots of extra stuff you have to do on iphone to accomplish the same navigating have you noticed that?

        even if it’s 1 or 2 extra gestures/awakening a sleeping control on the iphone, within the day that process over and over does add up

  4. KJ says:

    Went from using a 4 yr old Windows Samsung Focus to an iPhone 5c and I am not impressed, in fact I HATE IT. Windows phone phone allowed me to send my own txt messages via bluetooth using voice commands – cannot do this with Apple, can only reply with 6 preset text message using my stereo control dials… well Apple how safe is that compared to voice command? Guess what, it isn’t safe!! Getting songs as ringtones was simple on WP, it is a PITA on iPhone. WP held a charge longer & used less battery power, iPhone is battery hungry. WP used less data, iPhone is cellular data plan hungry. So I am stuck with this iPhone 5c for 2 years…. I’ll manage but as soon as my contract is up I’m going back to a Samsung Windows Phone!

    • Hunter Hampton says:

      coming from using iphone all my life, if you are complaining about little battery life than your obviously using it way too much, the last time i checked, i charge my 5c over night and night the next day comes im still at 60% and i use it frequently not barley and not all day. i dont recomend you using it that much, itl hurt your eyes

      • Danila says:

        Speaking of that, it’s a separate and quite serious issue with older iPhone models that cause more serious eye strain then more recent, larger models. Whether you use phone occasionally throughout a day or a serious chatter, chances you will get both eye strain and discharged soon are quite high.

  5. AJK says:

    The apple is rotten!! Too many glitches,freezes up constantly and my batteries are about to die. I can’t use wife or daughters chargers because they have 5s and I’m just a four and they DON’T FIT!!! How about universal chargers for all apple products? Sorry, then you won’t make10,000,000,000,$$$$$ YOU GREEDY FUCKS!!!! Hello Samsung!

  6. iPhone sucks. Windows and Android says:

    Universal chargers. Who needs them? Joking by the way. I love the fact that with nearly every Android and Windows Phone has a microUSB charger. Apple decides if one wants the new iPhone they need to buy all new chargers. This website nothingbeatsapple.com says that the split screen feature on the Galaxy Note 4 is stupid. You should look up Android sucks. It is funny to read all of the BS that this guy wrote. Thank god for Android and Windows Phone. Suck it iPhone. Nice job finally getting into the phablet market with the iPhone 6+. It only took you many years to figure it out.

  7. Danielle says:

    ANDROIDS u can download an app that blocks unknown callers for free.. text and sms.. but with the i phone my ex stalker still could leave voicemails on the blocked feature and there was no feature to block unknown calls so my phone rang off the hook.
    Not many options for customizations such as animated screens and you have to buy all your tones cause they are greedy..
    Also i phones greediness makes it hard for you to switch .. im sorry but Ive used all types of devices DROID is number one

  8. I’m an Android user and I’m loving seeing your guys killing each other.

    I’d like to point out reasons why Android phones suck by talking about my own phone, a Galaxy S3.


    2) It rarely freezes but it’s undeniably slow: it takes up to 20 seconds – TWENTY FKING SECONDS – to open an app (such as Line, Whatsapp, Gallery, Dropbox, photo apps, you name it)

    3) When I do the way from a wi-fi zone → elevator → no wi-fi zone, the phone heats up, the system gets f-ed up.

    4) Before apps show update notifications and/or spontaneously update themselves, time lapse to open an app or to do virtually anything takes double time. Screen transitions, when they work, takes up to five seconds.

    5) Still before and/or while updating apps: wi-fi conection seems to get sucked up by the update download.

    6) Again, it heats up. When apps are updating it heats up faster than when I’m playing Plants vs. Zombies.

    … camera is really good tho. And organizing your apps in screens is pleasing because I could separate photo apps in one screen, chatting apps in another, and so on.

    • Hunter Hampton says:

      see, finaly a non-fanboy speaks, i prefer iphones, but that diesnt mean i have to hate android. they are both good. the intentions arnt to argue over which is better, each is made because ppl prefer different things

  9. Chris says:

    Memory sucks in all iPhones. No SD cards. You’re limited. I have hated any and all Apple products since the 80’s. I don’t understand the iPhone crcraze. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I love it. Lots of internal memory and I have a 36G sd card. Never had a single issue.

  10. tomozuki says:

    I was writing an e-mail, then went to settings and back and there was no e-mail present. Not even in drafts 🙂 Anyone mentioned you can`t send other attachments than pictures or videos through e-mail? 🙂 Oh yes, you have dropbox. Woohoo. So you have to upload files first and the download it back to your phone so you can send it to another user? Why is pulling my finger? Apple clearly wants the control over the files you are dealing with.

  11. Tim says:

    I could spend hours telling you why iPhones suck, but don’t want to waste that much time of my life on the pieces of crap. But a few reasons:- my daughters $60 Alcatel can get wifi where my apple can’t, (she has full strength while my iPhone won’t even find server), I can only get sound through games and YouTube while on a phone call on loudspeaker, i will get no reception in the same room as my daughters $60 Alcatel which has full reception, screen is way to small which makes typing/texting very frustrating, (meant for kids fingers I think, not adults), looses 10% battery per hour doing nothing, doesn’t Bluetooth to anything non Apple, speakers distort on loudspeaker calls making loudspeaker useless, can go from full wifi strength to not get it at all without even moving (in the same room as modem), turns itself off whenever it wants, shuts down at 10% battery, then takes 10 mins on charge to be able to turn back on which takes forever, so slow to download things, camera is shit, freezes all the time, can’t sinc to any computer, screen breaks way to easily and costs more to fix then any other phone (don’t know why, it’s smaller than every other phone), will sometimes ring sometimes vibrate only without changing settings, volume buttons on side work sometimes, small screen makes watching videos not worth it. Have more reasons, but have wasted enough of my life on it. The only good thing about iPhones I have found is that they dont take up as much space as landfill as other phones. Don’t know how they even fit in the smart phone category. Smart is one thing they are not.

  12. TheBestofTheWorst says:

    I hate Iphones because the chargers for them aren’t universal , so if you lose your charger or it breaks(which they tend to a lot) you have to pay a ton of money for a new one where as with a androind you can just find a micro USB you have or buy one for super cheap. Also their screens break so easily and they block some apps from getting on the appstore but android doesn’t so you can get torrents or whatever you want.

  13. Richard Hicks says:

    Just bought a new iPhone, the latest, from Verizon store – it won’t even charge.

  14. Abraham Flores says:

    After years of making iPhones they have never thought of making a waterproof iPhone forcing you to waste more money on a waterproof case.

  15. JoeSchmoe says:

    I have never owned an iphone but have watched many videos on how it works. Android just rocks. I guess I’m addicted to customising my phone *my way*. Customise to your hearts content with android based on the Linux kernel. Widgets and combo widgets and icons on home screens is awesome. My Note 4 just rocks. I LOVE the s-pen. I have a widget that takes up the whole screen for notes that is awesome. No more looking for pen and paper when I’m out and about. I can’t imagine ever going to iOS. Maybe when Ios is as customisable as android I will try one. I hear some people say android users don’t buy an iphone because they can’t afford them. My Note 4 cost more than an iphone and the hardware in it rocks. It was thick dark clouds and heavy rain for two months straight were I live and in my business I use Google Maps to drive around the metroplex giving estimates. Pouring down heavy rain and my Note 4 always stayed in contact with the satellites. I don’t know what kind of GPS antenna they used but it ROCKS. My Galaxy S4 would lose connection on rainy days. Everything works perfect on my Note and after a year of use I have not experienced a single bug of any kind. It just works perfectly all the time. It will be very hard for me to buy a new phone in the future unless it has ZERO bugs in every department like my Note4.

  16. Spectre says:

    Ignorance is bliss. If it works for you, by all means keep it. I have tried them all and my standpoint is I will stick with my Windows Nokia. I can connect through all devices Bluetooth without a hitch. My car, TV, computer, Ipad, Alcatel, Budweiser speaker … you name it. Mind you; apple products and Android somewhat fail to receive on occasion. I have built computers and repaired them since the Demon Dos first came out and gray hairs ensued. Each device will have its faults and short comings until a new and wondrous advancement comes to fruition. The complaints about Apple devices that I personally hear far surpass any other platform. Do your homework, make an informative decision, live with your decision and keep your complaints tending towards constructive criticism. We will never agree on one type of “Phone” being superior to any other that may arise from the abyss of technology. There are days that I would like to have two tin cans and a long string to talk with another real human being! *grin* Have a great day and enjoy life with a hint of sarcasm.

  17. dawigrund says:

    My work made us switch from android to iphone. I though apples was supposed to be all about functionality. This iphone 6 is a piece of crap.

  18. Skin says:

    App store freezes every time I user it. Control center pops up when I don’t touch the edge. On certain apps, control center won’t pop up no matter what I do. If I’m on a map, the map gets scrolled. Settings app sometimes loses all downloaded apps. No select all in any mail app on the entire OS, so deleting mail using select all not effing possible. Sharing from any app using mail, you can’t select the mail account you’re sending from, unless you go to settings. Wi-Fi is sporadic. Better antenna on any Android. Location services is never as accurate as Android. Sometimes had me a full block away, while Android purrs. Tethering, the status indicator obscures the top of the screen, covering text and controls in apps. The iCloud system blows. No pics in contacts app, so you have to read each name, Android you look at the pics. No easy way to do groups in iOS, without downloading an ad filled app. No keyboards available for iOS have arrow keys. Stock keyboard makes you switch to a different mode to use the effing period… Or any other punctuation. Wi-Fi rejects correct password, finally accepts, but you have to trick it. If I ever met someone who worked for Apple on iOS, I would punch them in the face. iOS users are brainwashed. The geniuses are liars and know almost nothing. They treat other people like retards, even though they themselves are an order of magnitude more retarded than corky. To sum up, and those is just what I could remember of the top of my head, iPhones are buggier than a rainforest. Also, in email fields iPhone makes keyboard @ symbol go to another mode screen or whatever you’d call it. Stupid idiots. It’s all on purpose. Tech companies actually just want to pass us off.

  19. Skin says:

    All above mistakes are from auto correct and shite keyboards available from Apple… Even third party keyboards not as good as Android. Not even close.

  20. piotr says:

    yeah my new iphone 7 sucks.the only good thing is better look related stuff. plenty of drawbacks comparing to androidish stuff

  21. pizzalove says:

    To open attachements

    1. Open gmail app
    2. open mail
    3. download attachment
    4. open attachment using the notification which comes on the status bar. (the document will be opened by the required app).

    On iPhone
    1. open gmail
    2. open mail
    3. save document to drive
    4. open drive app
    5. locate attachment in drive
    6. save attachment in app.

    IPhone is such a pain

  22. Rowan says:

    The only good thing about I phone is they have good emojis.

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