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Russian Internet Censorship 0

Seamless bypassing of network censorship

In my home country (Russia), censorship has taken quite a big turn after the government decided to block the Telegram Messenger. Since early 2018, I am unable to join quite a lot of genuine...

Viber Stickers 0

Viber Stickers for Telegram

This is hack guide on creating Telegram stickers from Viber stickers. It is written for Mac users. Location of original sticker files on Mac Viber: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/ViberPC/data/stickers/ (make sure to replace “username” with your...


6 reasons why Apple sucks

Once I was a huge fan of Apple. It is company that is praised by millions and hated by more millions. But now I will tell you what’s wrong with Apple really, and 6...

Macbook Air Disk Cleanup 0

Digital Media guide

This is advanced material on how to manage your own collection of media, whether it is photos and movies, or anything else. Have all of your media properly tagged and stored in Apple friendly...

iPhone apps for Philippines: Flag of the Philippines 0

iPhone apps for Philippines

Have you ever traveled to Philippines? Then maybe you have been using these apps. If not, check them out. These iPhone apps for Philippines may come in handy for your next trip.

Macbook Air Disk Cleanup 0

Mac OS X Disk Cleanup

Use our always up-to-date guide to remove unused files on your Mac and clean your SSD disk from junk. Just a few easy steps to increase available disk space in your Mavericks OS X system, that will take several minutes of your time to complete.