iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S

This is annoying list of all the things that makes 4S worse then its predecessor.

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4s annoyances list

  1. Nearly every third iPhone 4S has problem with Wi-Fi chip. The issue has become widely known after release of iOS 7 which bricked the chip due to its hardware issue. For those out of warranty, we have the risky fix for your W-FI. (Risky and crazy! You need hair dryer for this)
  2. Using USSD Messages in language other than English? You won’t be able to use them on iPhone 4S because implementation has bugs independent of iOS version, and exclusively on iPhone 4S! However, this little fix might help you.
  3. Cydia tweaks like iPhoneDelivery will never work on iPhone 4S (as per tweak’s developer own words). What does this mean? You’ll never get the very common feature of any low-cost phone – delivery reports! Even if you have jailbroken device. There is a fix for delivery reports too. (Or you can always buy cheap mobile phone and have this common feature actually working. Irony)

Have you switched from iPhone 4 to 4S? What do you find annoying about the switch? Let us know in comments below.

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