iOS in the Car is coming next week

Not all ideas from Apple are implemented in real life. Just remember how many difficulties Apple experienced with new maps for iOS, or iAd advertisement network. iOS in the Car feature, announced last summer along with iOS 7 at WWDC, is still “Coming Soon” on Apple’s website.

iOS in the Car. Long wait!

The first reason to this, is uncoordinated work between team members who work on iOS in the Car inside apple. Second reason is delay with testing of “iOS in the car” by car manufactures.

It seems that the long wait is finally at its logical ending. Next week, the first cars with support for “iOS in the Car” are to be introduced and promoted.

According to Financial Times,  first models of cars with support for iOS in the Car will be introduced in Geneva from March 3rd to 16th. The first car models with iOS support are from Volvo, Ferrari, And Mercedes.

iOS in the Car Features

iOS in the Car is a limited version of iOS for in-car computers. Its interface will be adapted to specifics of controlling iOS inside car. Among the features supported are:

  • Siri
  • accepting calls, SMS and iMessage
  • music playback
  • maps and navigation

On “iOS in the Car” presentation, which was held in June last year, they said that the function will be supported by 20 leading car manufactures. As we can see now, only 3 are backing up the project. How popular iOS in the Car will be this year – we will be able to observe after Geneva auto show.

P.S. Many sources expect release of iOS 7.1 in the middle of March. It will implement support for iOS in the Car by operating system itself. But until this happens, Apple has to release Golden Master build of iOS. It is yet to appear in days to come.


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