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The WhatsApp service existed for a long time. But it turns out that not everyone knows about it. WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile application. It allows to exchange instant messages for free using 3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi.

WhatsApp: write more, pay less

But what is the difference between WhatsApp and SMS? SMS is a really old system with limited functions and high price. WhatsApp Messenger has more features and it’s almost free.

At first launch of the app, you will have to verify your phone number. It is simple: enter your number, wait for SMS with activation code and copy it in confirmation input field. Afterwards, WhatsApp Messenger will ask for permission to use address book.

The developers of the app used Push notifications. That means even with the app is closed, connection to server is still maintained. User will always get the message. WhatsApp supports displaying send and delivery receipts.

Besides exchanging text messages, the app allows for exchanging multimedia content. This includes images and video, audio files (voice notes), and also contact cards from address book. You can also send geolocation information.

WhatsApp Favorites are your contacts, who already use the app. You can immediately exchange messages with them. Since WhatsApp user base is huge, it is likely that a great percentage of your contacts will be listed there. You can invite your other contacts to the app using email or SMS.

Chats list all existing dialogues. You can send messages to specific recipients or create chats between several contacts. By UI design, the dialogues resemble standard SMS function.

In Settings, the useful most useful section is Chat Settings. There you can change font size or block unwanted contact, as well as view statistics, accumulating all existing dialogues data.

WhatsApp is a cross-platform application. Among the list of supported devices, there are iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS smartphones. Even the very simple Nokia with S40 is supported.

You might hurry up and install WhatsApp to the phones of your relatives and chat with lesser expenses, rather than using standard SMS. But before you do, consider Viber as an upgrade to WhatsApp.

With its unbeatable free price for voice calling, it makes Viber the ultimate messaging experience. You can read more in our Viber review. Voice calling is not present in WhatsApp, but it still has more users than any mobile messaging application.

WhatsApp Pros:

  • Little bandwidth usage
  • No registration
  • Possible to edit message history

WhatsApp Cons:

  • Lack of voice calling, as in Viber

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