iOS 7.0.6 is out. Is it worth to update?

Apple has rolled out new update for its mobile operating system – iOS. But is it worth to update to latest minor version?

Is it worth to update? No!

The iOS 7.0.6 addresses security issues in regards with SSL certificates. If you are not crazy security maniac, you can skip the update and wait for something worthy. After all, it’s not worth spending the time to update, and not noticing any difference after that.

The earlier iOS 7.0.5 release was only targeted to specific devices, namely iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s sold in China.

The release before that, iOS 7.0.4,  actually caused more issues than it solved. While iOS 7.0.4 fixed FaceTime connectivity for some users, other users reported strange battery issues. The issue is that iPhone can switch off automatically, while  the actual battery meter is more than 50%.

Community is eager to get iOS 7.1 with real fixes. Apple needs to address the growing number of bugs.

If you are still on iOS 6, our advice is to keep it. iOS 7 introduced nothing but problems, even hardware ones. It doesn’t offer too many new features, either.

It is now or never. Guys at Cupertino should at least provide better software. They completely failed with the hardware on iPhone 4s. Specifically, no real solution has been provided for Wi-Fi issue yet. Except for hair dryer method.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you a moron? Who the hell calls “I don’t want people being able to easily view should-be-encrypted traffic,” paranoid?

    • Danila says:

      The idea of the post is that the timeframe between release of iOS 7.1 and hackers actually using the SSL bug is so small, that the chance of being “hacked” is 0%. If you didn’t get that, please waste your time and update.

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