Will iPad charger work with iPhone?

Today we answer a simple question which new users of iPad always ask.

I have an iPad and it comes with standard 10W USB charger. Will iPad charger work with iPhone?

The answer is yes, of course. It will charge iPhone just fine. However, this is true if type of the connector matches. If your iPad is new with Lightning connector, you will not be able to charge iPhone 4(s) without additional adapters.

Charging iPhone using iPad charger is likely to be faster than using plain iPhone charger or computer USB port. This is because iPad charger has more power output, 10W. iPhone will only take 5W from iPad charger, but it would be still somewhat more effective.

Vice versa – charging iPad using iPhone charger, will not work or will be extremely slow, because iPad needs more power than iPhone charger provides (it outputs 5W which is twice less).

I understand I can charge iPhone using iPad charger. But wouldn’t this fry my iPhone? Would it break it?

Of course, not. Apple says it’s OK to use iPad charger with iPhone. Besides, if you are somewhat familiar with electronics, you know the rules:

  • If power adapter for device produces same current with higher voltage = it is safe. This is the case when iPhone is being charged with iPad adapter
  • If power adapter for device produces higher current – never use it

While traveling, you might want to just take iPad charger in your bag and save some previous space for your other gadgets.

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