iPhone apps for couples

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  1. Danila, so if you had to pick one which one would you pick? I tried both but eventually deleting them. Danila, I ended up finding another app by the name of Togethr ( https://togethr.mobi) and so far it’s been working pretty good. I like the fact that it reminds hubby of things and dates that are really important to. I know he love it too because he no longer nags at me saying that I’m reminding him too much of things that he already knows when clearly he forgot.

    • Danila says:

      We’ve ended up using Couple extensively for couple related tasks, as well as LoveByte for its photo albums function and “Days Together”counter. But on a day to day basis, we use Viber, because it has free calls and what can be more important than communication, especially when you are thousands miles apart. As for the Togethr, I’ve checked it using your link, and it seems promising yet it lacks iOS support, and this is iOS blog for a reason.. me and my readers use Apple devices rather than Android.

  2. There’s also LoveByte (http://lovebyte.us) which offers date/gift ideas on its Discover feature to keep the spark alive. 🙂

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