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There is plenty of iPhone apps for couples flooding the App Store. And it’s really nice you have something to choose from. This is new app area and competition is growing. For the end users it is good – we get great apps, but question remains, which app is best of all?

In this article we review two of the most successfull apps for couples. Each has its own set of unique features. Long distance relationships last long if you take active part in each other’s lives, if you communicate regularly. The quality of communication rises, if you can plan your moments before getting next to each other again, share your activities throughout each day when you’re not there, keep a record of what’s going in your couple at any time. And of course, just chatting is a good way to communicate.

Couple, the king of iPhone apps for couples

Couple is a great feature rich application for iPhone and Android. In our comparison you will find it has more features than anything else on the market.

Where it excells

  • Great messagingYou can send plain text messages in the app and it’s free because they don’t use your SMS service plan. In addition, you can exchange photos, voice notes, location and drawings you make in the app. You can also send special “Thinking of you” bubble. Apart from all this, you can exchange stickers, a feature most present in the relationship apps. Think of stickers as larger smileys depicting beyond single emotion. As for “Thinking of you”, there is a separate sticker pack available. They have the Sticker Store and give out sticker packs for free just for sharing your moments on Twitter or Facebook. The new Endless Love sticker pack is unique, but our personal favorite is “Chip” which is cute as nothing else.
  • Thumbkiss. Launch it at the same with your significant other and kiss.. with your fingers. When your fingers reach the same spot on screen, your phones vibrate simultaneously. The idea and implementation are great.
  • Collaborative drawing. It’s nice to be able to draw cute love pictures at the same time.
  • Web interfaceNone of the popular apps for relationships have dedicated website where you can use at least some of the basic application features. Couple has that. It provides Web App which is great: you can exchange messages, including ability to send stickers, view your partner large wallet photo and all the drawings and photos (moments) you’ve created in the app.

Where it falls short

  • Day counter (days together) would be a great addition to the app. Always nice to see the age of your couple.
  • Organizing your photos (moments) by albums is missing. You can easily get lost in your photos if you regularly take them. Having photos listed by events, i.e. one album for photos you took on Valentine’s day, and one at birthday party is the feature we’d like to be added.
  • Adding horizontal orientation for messaging.


LoveByte is a great app, but misses many features of Couple. It has, however, things that Couple is missing:

  • Days Together“. When you open the app, you see nice splash screen where you always see the number of days you spent together.
  • Scratch cards. You can send special cards, that your partner needs to scratch (with their finger on touch screen) and see contents. Scratch card can be a wish you have to fulfill or just a special love message. I.e. you can write things like “Kiss me when you come home” in your card.
  • Albums. It is nice to organize your couple’s photos by albums. You can get creative in this. For instance, make a dedicated album of posters for movies you watched together.


We’ve reviewed two iPhone apps for couples. Our favorite app for relationship is of course, Couple. That said, you might still keep use of other apps like Viber and WhatsApp, but those are not targeted directly towards couples. WhatsApp is good way to exchange messages quickly, it has the horizontal orientation for typing text. Viber is a great alternative for mobile Skype, since it allows for free voice calling and doesn’t waste battery resources.

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3 Responses

  1. Danila, so if you had to pick one which one would you pick? I tried both but eventually deleting them. Danila, I ended up finding another app by the name of Togethr ( https://togethr.mobi) and so far it’s been working pretty good. I like the fact that it reminds hubby of things and dates that are really important to. I know he love it too because he no longer nags at me saying that I’m reminding him too much of things that he already knows when clearly he forgot.

    • Danila says:

      We’ve ended up using Couple extensively for couple related tasks, as well as LoveByte for its photo albums function and “Days Together”counter. But on a day to day basis, we use Viber, because it has free calls and what can be more important than communication, especially when you are thousands miles apart. As for the Togethr, I’ve checked it using your link, and it seems promising yet it lacks iOS support, and this is iOS blog for a reason.. me and my readers use Apple devices rather than Android.

  2. There’s also LoveByte (http://lovebyte.us) which offers date/gift ideas on its Discover feature to keep the spark alive. 🙂

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