WhatsApp Messenger Alternative – Viber

WhatsApp Messenger has long been considered de-facto standard communication tool to replace SMS in smartphones. Now that Facebook bought it, all the Facebook haters areĀ  in search of a better app. Surprisingly, there is one. It outweighs WhatsApp in terms of features greatly. The name for WhatsApp killer is of course, – Viber.

Why is Viber – the greatest WhatsApp Messenger Alternative?

WhatsApp provides only single actual feature. That is – exchanging messages. You can exchange voice notes, locations, Emoji, and many more. But those are little additions to the main function of the app.

What Viber provides is quite better. You can make Viber to Viber voice calls for free in addition to standard text function. Not to say that Viber is available for far more platforms than WhatsApp (WhatsApp doesn’t even run on iPad!).

You can launch Viber on your Mac or PC and make calls from there. There is also function to redirect incoming call from smartphone to Mac or PC and vice versa.

In terms of voice calling, Viber is even best alternative to Skype. This is because it doesn’t eat your battery resource like Skype on iPhone does. Viber on iPhone effectively uses push notifications. And the voice quality when using Viber is excellent.

Complete feature list of Viber

  • Integrates with your Address Book (whether it’s iPhone or Mac, etc.). You can contact any contact from your address book, who also has Viber (like WhatsApp)
  • Set background of messages per-contact (WhatsApp only has global background setting)
  • Group chat (similar to WhatsApp)
  • Make voice calls to any of your Viber contacts (Not like any WhatsApp Messenger alternative!)
  • Make voice calls to any phone using Viber-Out (similar to Skype)
  • Stickers! Send cute predefined pictures on different topics (unique in comparison to WhatsApp or Skype)
  • Seen status. You can see that your message was seen by recipient (not present in WhatsApp)


We think that Viber is WhatsApp Messenger Alternative #1. Viber is virtually equal to WhatsApp+Skype altogether. It’s a great WhatsApp Messenger alternative with addition of voice calling, stickers and wide variety of platforms supported.

You should definitely try it out, whether you are Facebook hater or not.

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