iOS 7.1 is live. Is it worth upgrading?

iOS 7.1 has just been released by Apple for over-the-air upgrade. But before you go ahead, let’s find out what are the greatest changes in this version. Is it really worth upgrading? What’s new in iOS 7.1 according to Apple? We know the answers.

iOS 7.1 is worth upgrading for its features and fixes

Gossips came out to be true. Apple has released iOS 7.1 before March 11th.

Official list of changes is huge:

  • CarPlay

    • Now you can experience all benefits of iOS design in your vehicle
    • Just connect iPhone in you car with CarPlay support
    • There is support for Phone, Music, Maps and Messages. Audio apps from 3rd party developers are also supported.
    • Added support for controlling CarPlay using Siri, touch screens, control buttons inside car
  • Siri

    • Now you can control manually when Siri must stop listening. Control is done by holding “Home” button while user is speaking. Releasing button stops listening. This scenario is alternative to existing one. That is, when Siri automatically notices when users stops talking.
    • Added new, more natural sound of male and female voices for Mandarin Chinese, British and Australian English, and Japanese languages.
  • iTunes Radio

    • Introduced search field. It allows to easily create a station based on favorite artist or song
    • Now you can subscribe to iTunes Match from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. This will allow you to listen to iTunes Radio ads-free.
    • You can buy albums by touching a button on “Now Playing” screen.
  • Calendar

    • Added display of events on month overview screen
    • New function to automatically display holidays  in selected countries
  • Universal Access

    • Bold font setting is now applied to keyboard, calculator and some icon glyphs
    • Reduce motion parameter is now applied to, and multi tasking interface animations
    • Added parameters for displaying buttons, shadows in apps and reducing temperature color
  • HDR can now be permanently enabled in on iPhone 5S
  • Added support for iCloud Keychain in several more countries
  • Added feature to automatically clear FaceTime notifications when you answer call on a different device
  • Fixed issue of unresponsive home screen
  • Increased quality of recognizing fingerprints using Touch ID
  • Improved performance of iPhone 4. Hooray!
  • Fixed label display of when number of unread messages is larger than 10, 000
  • Implemented new interface improvements

Yes, you should upgrade this time. We advised you not to upgrade two times already. Earlier, minor versions of iOS were not really worth spending the time. iOS 7.1 is another deal here. It introduces more features than expected. And it also fixes actual bugs and poor performance on iPhone 4 and 4S.

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2 Responses

  1. bhavin says:

    i am using Iphone 4s , i bought from japan and its locked , i am using it by turbo sim , and it works perfectly , and the IOS version is 7.1.1 ,

    the question is , does Jailbreaking will get my phone locked again ?
    the reason for jailbreaking is , i am not able to use USSD code for my Vodafone India Carrier ,
    so after Jailbreak possibly would do some sort ofthings .

    thank you
    please do reply , m in real help .

    [email protected]

  2. Susan bohn says:

    Hate my iPhone my daughters bought me, I thought I tough them better than this, it sucked from day one and the version store would not return it without charging a restock fee, and that was only after 3 days, now ive had it since 07/27/2019 and tried to make it work, well I cant work we
    Hen I have dropped call after dropped call almost every day, now it is smashed!!!!!

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