iOS 7 is planned this fall

iOS 7Apple’s homepage features keynote presentation for new operating system that will power iDevices, including iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad .

It features complete redesign of key iOS visual elements, as well as a set of new features that will breathe more life into our mobile devices.

So What’s New in regards with features?

  • Control Center is the new feature that is “one swipe away”. Ever wanted to quickly toggle WiFi on/off but had to go to Now you can swipe up from the bottom and enable/disable a number of settings:¬†Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Do Not Disturb.
  • Notification Center is updated to include groups of notifications: Today, All and Missed
  • Multitasking is updated to prepare application views in advance. This is useful mostly for social networking apps, that will pre-update feed before you even launch the app
  • Camera app can now shoot square photos and has a number of filters that can be applied to photos
  • Photos can now be grouped in Collections by Years, of Locations
  • Then there is iTunes Radio, updated Siri, etc. but all the greatest is:

iCloud keychain. This will allow to store different passwords for each site in your iCloud account. That’s a great new feature for security and ease of use.

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