Google screws iPhone users… again

IMG_4856A recent spring cleaning by Google will not have Reader as its only victim. iPhone users will no longer receive push notifications for their incoming email.

The above statement is true as long as you want to keep using native iOS Google offers its Gmail app as a separate download in the App Store – it does support push notifications. But who wants another app just for mail?

Previously, iPhone users had ability to setup Google Sync service, using Microsoft Exchange for mobile protocol. This will no longer work for new setups – Google cancelled Google Sync service for new registrations except Google Apps paying users. When you switch to new iPhone (eventually we all do), you will get an error if you try to set it up again.

Another option for push notifications was to setup a “Gmail” account via Settings. However, the latter option now only provides Manual and Fetch as means to get new messages. “Push” is no longer available.

What do you think will be the next thing Google would kill? Or are you happily using iCloud and ditched Google mail and contacts altogether? Let us know in comments.

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